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TPLO/ TTA is the preferred method to repair a torn ACL or cruciate disease in dogs over 50 pounds, or those that are active, have additional orthopedic issues, or anatomic variations that dictate TPLO/ TTA over the traditional lateral fabellar extra-capsular repair. 

Dr. Katie was TPLO certified in 2003 and has performed over 1200 with excellent results exceeding published studies.  Over 95% of dogs return to full function without long-term need for medication or additional surgery.

Dr. Katie was TTA certified in 2008 and has performed over 1400 surgeries with excellent long-term outcomes in 95% of dogs.  Most dogs are candidates for either of these TPLO and TTA surgeries and do well with either with a rapid return to function.  A typical recovery is 5 weeks of restricted activity and a rehab program started at 2 weeks, an xray at 5 weeks post-op and restrictions removed, then a discussion about full recovery and joint health.   With additional rehabilitation of muscles, most dogs are fully recovered within 3 months of surgery.

Your pet should have a full check-up and consultation prior to surgery with Dr. Katie.  Most dogs spend one night in the hospital receiving good pain management.  They can go home the next day with instructions for leash only when outside, no running, No jumping, No stairs for 5 weeks.  Staples are removed at 2 weeks post-op and a walking program instituted.  At 4-7 weeks post-op a radiograph is taken to assure bone healing.  Careful care is taken all along the way to ensure your dog remains safe for healing, pain is managed properly, muscle rehabilitation is addressed, and long-term health for all joint is discussed at the final visit.  Typical cost for TTA in 2023 is $3000 -$3400, TPLO is $3200-$3500.

Dr. Katie Brings her surgery truck to your area and does surgery near you.  We typically have a 2-3 week waiting list.  Email drkatiepetvet @gmail.com or txt 507-995-1505 for the fastest response.  Calls are answered generally within 24 hours.  We would love to meet you and get your dog back in action!

.TTA Post-op  TTA Post-op.   A bone graft was packed in the cut wedge and will heal in 4-6 weeks. 

   TPLO post-opTPLO post-op.  This will heal in 6-8 weeks, but most dogs are walking better than pre-op at 2 weeks.