Dr. Katie: Pet Vet on Wheels

Faribault, MN 55021



Dr. Katie is certified to do STEM cell treatments through VetSTEM, and has several big success stories.  

Rosie the corgi was treated with STEM cells in her shoulder for a failed surgery at Iowa State and a partial ACL tear that left her hobbling on two legs at the age of 2.  Within 3 days of Stem cell treatment Rosie was able to get off the NSAIDS she had been on for a year, and within 3 weeks her gait was nearly normal.  She has remained off medications and has done well for the 4 years we have followed her.

Casper was 14 when we first met him limping on a front leg from years of strain on his remaining shoulder from an amputation when he was a puppy.  He has received 3 STEM cell treatments now and is more active at 17 than he was at 14.

Ask if STEM cells might be an option for your pet.  We are currently recommending STEM cell for dogs that are not good surgical candidates for orthopedic surgery, early partial ACL tears, and joint conditions that are chronic.  Cost is currently in the $2500 dollar range.